Updike Junior sobre Updike Senior

Eis um belo texto do escritor David Updike sobre o seu pai, o escritor John Updike. Excerto:

«As it grew, he wore his fame lightly as his due, like one of his own well-worn sweaters, thin at the elbows. He loved public institutions — libraries, schools, the post office — letters arriving and departing, the simple act of completion — dropping it in the slot. I did this for him, this past January, when he couldn’t make it downtown himself — a small typed letter, a final correction for an English publisher who was reprinting the Maple stories: he had reread them in proof, he told me, “Not without some pleasure.”
(…) Through it all, his unkind illness, he remained, in his wife’s words, “dignified and noble” — continued to be what his own father called a gen’leman. And he continued to shave — each day, my sisters noted, even when it was perilous to do so.»


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«Tenho a suspeita de que a espécie humana - a única - está prestes a extinguir-se e que a Biblioteca perdurará: iluminada, solitária, infinita, perfeitamente imóvel, armada de volumes preciosos, inútil, incorruptível, secreta» Jorge Luis Borges