Kindle, Sony Reader & Companhia, cuidem-se

Quase todos os comentários que tenho lido sobre o iPad sublinham um aspecto: o ponto forte do aparelho da Apple é o dispositivo para ler e-books. Veja-se o que escreve Laura Miller na Salon:

«I confess that when I decided to buy an iPad, I mostly thought of it as an ultra-portable TV that I could also use to surf the Web and occasionally check e-mail. I expected the cornucopia of Netflix Watch Instantly to keep me occupied for quite a while, now that I can finally watch video in bed. (Not only does my laptop get too hot to make this comfortable, but I worry that I’ll fall asleep and accidentally kick my hard drive into oblivion.)
One weekend into owning the thing and I’ve only managed to watch half an episode of Black Adder. I have yet to play a single game. What I’ve mostly been doing on the iPad is reading, because this much-ballyhooed harbinger of the future turns out to be the ideal device for that most old-fashioned of leisure activities.»

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One Response to “Kindle, Sony Reader & Companhia, cuidem-se”

  1. Jorge Pereira on Abril 13th, 2010 1:38

    I have both the Kindle and the iPad. I like both of them, but the Kindle is easier to read from because the iPad is to heavy and the book selection is not as extensive as the Kindle.

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